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We have the materials
to study macroinvertebrates and test water quality!



Insects, crustaceans, and mollusks in your local water body are indicators of water quality! Students can use this worksheet to identify animals and determine water health.


PDF version

Water Quality Data Sheet + Compiling Data

Students can use this worksheet to record water quality measurements and make a claim about overall water health.
Students can then compare their results with other groups to decide their confidence about their claim.


editable Word Document
PDF version

Intro. to Water Quality Parameters

Students can use this packet of information to answer questions about WQ parameters: What are they? Why do they matter? How do they get in the water?
This packet includes a fun data sheet with pictures!


PDF version

Self-Publish a Project Story

These project-based assignments highlight the last step of the scientific method: report your results! Students can use these instructions to tell their experimentation story to others on the internet.


Taking It Public - Earth Force PDF

Where Does Our Water Come from?

Use the Educator’s Guide to lead your students through a basic understanding of Colorado water’s importance.


Colorado Reader - Water PDF
Educator’s Guide PDF


Field Trip Locations

Cherry Creek State Park

Ask us about the variety of water programs we can offer in rotating booths, right on the reservoir!

Cherry Creek Valley Eco. Park

Step into a natural riparian area right in the middle of town and learn about the native plant and wildlife species that thrive in this educational nature preserve along the Cherry Creek Regional Trail.

The 17 Mile House Farm Park

In partnership with the Cherry Creek Valley Historical Society and Arapahoe County Open Spaces, we are happy to create a curriculum and schedule that fits your class studies and needs. From tours of the house and history to nature lessons and guided hikes, we've got something for all of your students.