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Stormwater 101: 



  • American Water Works Association: A resource for both water distribution and water treatment technologies. Check out the Career Center tab to learn more about jobs working with water.

  • Colorado Foundation for Agriculture (CFA): Established in 1991 to promote agricultural literacy in Colorado. CFA is governed by a nine-member board of directors that administers the Agriculture in the Classroom program in Colorado. Projects and materials developed by CFA are made available, at no or minimal cost, to Colorado educators. CFA is the only organization that provides our state's educators with current information about Colorado agriculture and natural resources.

  • Colorado Lake and Reservoir Management Association (CLRMA): A grass roots organization made up of individuals concerned about the future of Colorado lakes and reservoirs. Our members are people just like you - people concerned about today's lake issues.

  • Colorado State University Cooperative Extension Service: Your connection to the research, information and expertise of your land-grant university.

  • The Colorado Water Institute (CWI): An affiliate of Colorado State University exists for the express purpose of focusing the water expertise of higher education on the evolving water concerns and problems being faced by Colorado citizens.

  • How’s My Waterway? (formerly Surf Your Watershed): A service from the Environmental Protection Agency to help you locate, use, and share environmental information about your state and watershed.