About the Cherry Creek Stewardship Partners


The Cherry Creek Stewardship Partners emerged from the first Cherry Creek watershed forum held in 1999 and have been successful in promoting active stewardship of the Cherry Creek watershed ever since.  The Partners formed in response to the need for cross-jurisdictional coordination and communication on watershed issues such as open space, recreation and water quality in our streams and reservoir.  We are proud to have the time, talent and financial support of individual citizens and representatives from land use jurisdictions, state and federal resource management agencies, conservation, recreation and historic preservation groups and the business community. 

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We have maintained our energy with extensive participation from the local community and have become the first active group that represents both the upper and lower portions of the watershed.  We continue to provide regular information-sharing forums, coordinate and participate in projects and activities that enhance water resources and promote stewardship and community pride.

The coming year will provide opportunities for continued coordination, field trips, teacher training activities and more.  The Partners will host volunteer events, education forums and our 21st Annual Conference in November 2019.  If you would like to receive invitations to our events, you may contact Casey Davenhill.

Visit the Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority website for more information about the Cherry Creek Watershed, or contact Casey Davenhill, Watershed Coordinator. 

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