Cherry Creek Stewardship Partners’
Photo Gallery


Fall into Fertilizer

September 2019
Tagawa Gardens

Arapahoe County Fair

July 2019
Arapahoe County Fairgrounds

Summer Solstice Hike

June 2019
Cherry Creek Valley Ecological Park

Unique to the Creek

June 2019
Broncos Parkway Trailhead —> Cherry Creek Valley Ecological Park

Water Chemistry with DSST: Henry

May 2019
Bear Creek & Henry Middle School


West Middle School Field Trip

May 2019
Prairie Loop at Cherry Creek State Park


Shop Creek at the State Park

April 2019
Shop Creek Trail at Cherry Creek State Park

Partners’ Stroll

March 2019
Cherry Creek at 17 Mile House

Casey Davenhill speaks about grasses.

From Left to Right: Mallory Hiss - Cherry Creek Stewardship Partners, Jenifer Doane - Arapahoe County Open Spaces, Quinley Doane, Lisa Mason - CSU Extension Horticulture, Lucinda Greene - CSU Extension Master Gardeners, Candace Giffin - City of Centennial, Sandy Bottoms - Arapahoe County Open Spaces

Cherry Creek


Casey shows Quinley a native grass!


This tree emulates The Thunder Tree from Bob Pyle’s novel.

Denver Metro Regional Science & Engineering Fair

February 2019

Donny Rousch with Denver Water judges a project.

Mallory Hiss with Cherry Creek Stewardship Partners judges a project.

Deva DeAngelis with Cherry Creek Stewardship Partners and Mary Dawson with Aurora Water judge a project.

Donny connecting with a student over SCIENCE!

Casey Davenhill of Cherry Creek Stewardship Partners judges a project.

Two of our winners experiment during afternoon activities.

Two students of our over 30 water-related projects talk to their mentors.

Coco and Lia pose with their science teachers after receiving water quality awards from Denver Water.

Two of our winners talk about science experimentation with a presenter.